In recent months I have spent more time in malls then I would like to admit. Amid all those adventures, I began pondering the unique marketing challenges faced in the mall environment. Architects, marketing and engineers must design a small store and store front. This store must tell the story of a brand, and this story must pull in shoppers. Additionally, this store must attract those in its target market. Continue reading “Brand-Ception”


February is an interesting month in sports. The NFL season concludes with the Super Bowl, the NBA and NHL move into the homestretch of their regular seasons. Another NASCAR season begins. In the week following the Super Bowl, many NFL fans feel an emptiness, not having a game for the first time in six months. In reflecting on the season that was, besides Aaron Rodger getting injured, one thing stood out, and it wasn’t during a game. Back in October, Dairy Queen (DQ) showed us how to take sponsorship to the next level.

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Lambeau Field Brand

Recently, my family (significant others included) went to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. Home of the Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field is a sort of football holy-land, even if you root against them on Sunday. Those who have been with me during games would note my many harsh criticisms of Ted Thompson, and many coaching decisions (but never the organization). As I walked around Lambeau, I quickly realized that Ted Thompson, and Packer management has continued the Lambeau Field brand beyond the Ron Wolf Management Era.

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New Life Goal

As I mentioned in my blog the other day, my girlfriend and I attended a parade of homes. One of the houses we visited had a new idea. The bathroom had a coffee maker in it. No, that is not a typo. It was a legitimate coffee maker. Moreover, it was not your typical coffee maker. It looked more like a microwave (see picture above), and included an espresso maker. The coffee maker even had wi-fi. My assumption is that there is an app you can put on your phone that you can activate when you wake up and program the coffee maker. Continue reading “New Life Goal”

What a Parade of Homes Showed Me About Sales

big house

Having been in marketing courses, including one in sales, I know that I don’t know everything when it comes to sales, but I know about the sales cycle. One stage in this cycle is the process of qualifying leads. When the sales person, and/or someone in the selling organization examines if the person, or business, really has potential to buy.

I recently visited a parade of homes, where builders show off one or two of their newest home models. Many of the models in this show cost about half a million-dollars. Not what I would consider the typical cost of a “starter home.” Being a young un-married couple, both only a couple years removed our undergraduate programs, my girlfriend and I are still very much apartment dwellers. For a $12 admission fee, the parade is a fun way to dream, and for us to discuss what we like, and don’t like, when it comes to home design and decor.

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